Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Our Little Gardener

Last week the vegetable beds needed digging up so we hired our own private gardener to do the work.....

Digging in Veg Bed (69)b

First, he puzzled over what needed to be done......

Digging in Veg Bed (47)b

then he checked the soil....

Digging in Veg Bed (20)b

then he checked the tools.

Digging in Veg Bed (27)b

Then he dug....

Digging in Veg Bed (40)b

and dug.....

Digging in Veg Bed (31)b

and dug.

Digging in Veg Bed (53)b

That load's ready for off now Daddy.

Digging in Veg Bed (45)b

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Thursday, 24 September 2009

Lawnmower Troubles

The next time you buy me a lawnmower Auntie L will you please buy me one that fits in the washing machine.....

Lawnmower in Washing Machine (2)b

It just won't go in!

Lawnmower in Washing Machine (3)b

What do I do now?

Lawnmower in Washing Machine (4)b

I'll just go and mow the couch instead.

Lawnmower on Couch (4)b
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Thursday, 17 September 2009

A Man's Work is Never Done

Some serious ground work has been taking place here this week.

On Monday there were stones to be dug....

Digging with Daddy (1) edited

and shovelled into the trailer......

Digging with Daddy (11) edited

Wonder what this tastes like?

Digging with Daddy (27) edited

Then yesterday there was a lawnmower to be fixed......

Lawnmower (6) cropped

then the grass had to be mowed....

Lawnmower (10) EDITED

even the stones had to be mowed!

Lawnmower (51) cropped

And finally there were stones to be moved and they were hard work!

Moving Stones (5) edited

All in a week's work.
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Saturday, 12 September 2009

Wee Granny

This is JT's Great Granny. 

JT at G.Granny's (28) edited

She is affectionately known as 'Wee Granny' by some of her great grandchildren because of her stature.  She will be 91 in November and has 35 great-grandchildren.  We called to visit her yesterday.

'Wee Granny' is very hard of hearing, so she shouts very loudly and this scared Jacob. 

But then she produced cars.............

JT at G.Granny's

and they were friends.

JT at G.Granny's (48) edited

JT at G.Granny's (5) edited

JT at G.Granny's (29) edited
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Monday, 7 September 2009

Tractor Troubles

We bought JT a tractor when we were away on our wee break. It is providing hours of fun (albeit in minutes at a time).

Playing with Tractor (9)b

Playing with Tractor (5)b

There is just one problem......

Playing with Tractor (40)b

the slurry tanker keeps disconnecting from the tractor.

Playing with Tractor (21)b

Then when he pulls the tractor the tanker doesn't come with it......

Playing with Tractor (28)
(notice the sound effects coming from his lips)

and this happens.....

Playing with Tractor (12)b

So Mummy comes to the rescue and fixes it and the whole thing starts again!

Playing with Tractor (45)b
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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

A Weekend Break

We had a long weekend away last weekend.

We walked along the promenade,....
JT in Portstewart (1)

we went to the park where JT played with his new tractor.
JT in Portstewart (57)

Who dresses this child?!?
JT in Portstewart (101)

Oh my!!!!!!
JT in Portstewart (81)

JT and Daddy had some fun.....
JT in Portstewart (99)b

JT in Portstewart (111)

JT in Portstewart (117)

and JT did this at Granny's.
Pulling Faces (4)b
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