Thursday, 27 August 2009


One of the nicknames we call JT is 'Smiler'.....

J Playing with Mini (64)

J Playing with Mini (65)

J Playing with Mini (73)

I think you can see why!
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Saturday, 22 August 2009


Jacob discovered puddles yesterday!

We had just returned from our morning walk and I lifted him out of his pram to let him walk down the lane.....right into a puddle. He was wearing sandals!


He just stood for a few seconds and considered what had just happened. Then he smiled and bent over and touched the water......and splashed!



And I just thought - well he's wet now? Nothing the washing machine can't fix?

Puddles Quad

Puddles Quad2

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Saturday, 15 August 2009

Tractor Friends

Today Uncle Rodney arrived in his tractor.....

J in Tractor (35)

and he brought along Cousin Rob. Cousin Rob is almost as fanatical about tractors as JT.

J in Tractor (5)b

JT was allowed up in the cab with Rob....

J in Tractor (1)b

and Rodney's just become JT's favourite uncle.
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Thursday, 13 August 2009

We're not Brazil; We're Northern Ireland.

Before I start let me apologise for these photos. The ISO setting on my camera was wrong, the light was wrong and JT just wouldn't stop moving around. He never stops moving around. Food pictures are just so much easier. You set them up and they sit there. I took 110 photos and these are the only 3 worth showing!

Anyone that knows my OH knows that he is a big football fan. He likes to inform me of just how good a player he was in his younger days. Nowadays he's a MUFC fan. The one and only item of clothing Daddy bought JT was this.....

C'mon the reds!
taken 5 months ago!

Two days ago, we were shopping and I spied this for £1!!!!!

Jacob in NI Strip c

Rear view.

Jacob in NI Strip (7)

Daddy was so pleased.

I wouldn't say we're avid Northern Ireland supporters (it has been described like watching paint dry) but Daddy likes to watch them on the tv and we like to see our wee country win of course!

Jacob in NI Strip b

(For any visitors from further afield this is a Northern Ireland football kit and the title was one of their chants during the last football season.)
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Thursday, 6 August 2009

Good Friends

The Mother Hen was having a dust bath today so JT went out to play alongside her in the muck.

Good Friends 5

These two are good mates......

Good Friends 2

Good Friends 1

She seems to let him away with more than she lets anyone else away with......tickle, tickle,tickle!

Good Friends 3

Good Friends 4
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Saturday, 1 August 2009

Cars, Cars And More Cars!

This house is coming down with cars!

There are cars in my dryer....

Car in Dryer

cars in my baking cupboards....

Car in Cupboard

(along with many other things)...

cars in my baking bowls....


cars all over the place.

This little guy doesn't go too far without a car...

cars in the coffee shop....

Car in Coffee Shop

Car in Coffee Shop

cars in the garden....

Toy Car

cars on holiday...

Chilling at Auntie L's

Big cars...

Big Red Car

small cars...

Cars Post 04.08




Coca-cola Lorry

they all count.

Minis are pretty interesting too.


I could show you a million more but you get the point.
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